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Jen’s Pet Parlor is a family owned and operated pet grooming salon and boutique where pets are treated like family! Our goal is to make your pet’s visit as calm and comfortable as possible by providing a clean, safe, fun and loving environment that is customized to your pet’s needs.

Reliable and Trustworthy Caretakers


When you live a busy life, it is hard to consistently provide the attention and care that your pets can demand. With years of satisfied owners and loved pets, you can rely on us to care for your pets.  We are always prepared for any pets' needs and ensure that your pet will receive the best care and love. Their happiness and care is our priority and we strive to provide a service we would want our own pets to receive.   

Specialized Service


We understand that each pet has their own individual/special needs and that is why all of our pet grooming services include a personalized shampoo and conditioner designed to fit your pet's unique skin and coat at no extra charge. Our services also include an express service, meaning your pet will have our full attention while here and we do not book any other dogs while we are working on yours to ensure a fast, easy grooming visit for your pet.  This helps keep the grooming experience less stressful on your pet.

Meet the Staff

Our Staff

Jen (Owner)

Jennie is the Owner of Jen's Pet Parlor and has been grooming for over 17 years. She is a single mother of two, Kacey who is 18 and Kalieria who is still an infant.  Jennie also has 2 boxers, Laila (5 years old) and Axle (3 years old).

Prior to opening her own business Jennie worked as a Pet Grooming Salon Manager and Pet Grooming Trainer where she taught grooming all over the valley for 13 years.

When not grooming she enjoys sewing and makes all of Jen's Pet Parlor's leashes, collars, harnesses and bandana's by hand! She also enjoys making baby items and has an online Etsy shop (PawsNAwes) directly surrounding her passion for pets and babies!


Lauren has been grooming for 10 years. She has 2 children, Race and Bella as well as 3 dogs, Rascal (Papillon), Oden (Newfoundland) and Lady (Great Pyrenese). When Lauren is not grooming she likes to paint and go on adventures with her family.


Tiffany has been grooming for 5 years and is certified in dog CPR and first aid. She has 3 Shepherds at home, a 3 year old Belgian Shepherd named Duce, a 2.5 year old Dutch Shepherd named Mina and a 6 year old Dutch Shepherd named Gunnie. When she is not grooming she enjoys relaxing and spending time with her dogs and her fiance and training them.



Jennifer has been grooming for 14 years. She has one son, Landon who is 10 years old. When she is not grooming she enjoys spending time with family and friends and going up north to her family's cabin.


Sarah has been grooming for 13 years and is CPR & Pet Safety certified.  She just recently moved to Arizona from Ohio.  When she is not grooming she enjoys spending time with her husband and kids: Cameron who is 12, Xander who is 11, Gracie who is 9 and Mia who is 4.  She has a French Bulldog named Otis and a black cat named Dusty. She also likes to do all things crafty!


Our Services

Bath and Brush service


Our bath and brush services include:

Bath with personalized shampoo and conditioner

Gland expression (external only and by request only)

Blow dry

Brush out

Toenail trim

Ear cleaning

Sanitary trim (if needed or desired)

Pad and feet trim (if needed or desired)

Touch-up Groom Service


The touch-up groom includes all of the services associated with the bath and brush service along with trimming of your pet's face and "feathering" (hair along outside of legs, belly and chest) and tail and is based on the condition of your pet's coat.  

Full Groom Service


Our full groom services include all of the the services associated with the bath and brush service with the addition of a personalized all over hair cut and style to meet the needs of both you and your pet.

Add-on Services


These items can be added to any bath and brush, touch-up or styling groom and include:

Nail grinding

Nail Polish

Tooth brushing 

De-Shed "Furminator" treatment

VIP Spa package:

(includes both Tooth brushing and Nail grinding)

Flea and Tick Shampoo (Used only if your dog has fleas or ticks)

Flea and Tick Spot On 30 day preventative

(with K-9 Advantix II which repels all stages of fleas, ticks and mosquito life stages)

Walk-in Services


We provide services on a walk-in basis as follows:

Toenail Trim

Nail Grinding

Nail Polish

Tooth brushing

Gland expression (external only)

Ear cleaning

Our Products


All of our shampoo's are certified gluten free, wheat free, paraben free, non-toxic biodegradable, vitamin and protein fortified, ph balanced and always gentle on your pet's skin.


Our Policies

At Jen's Pet Parlor your pet's health and safety are our number one priority. All services are based on what is best for your pets' skin and coat and customized to fit both you and your pets needs.  Please review all of our company policies by clicking below.

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Company Policies

Health:  We ask that customers understand that grooming can be stressful to some pets and we ask that our customers inform the groomer if your pet has any heart conditions, or any stress related issues prior to grooming.  We cannot guarantee that we will be able to groom pets with stress related issues or other health or behavioral issues but we will always do the best we can within your pets individual limits.  It is necessary to have all pets up to date on all vaccinations prior to every grooming. We will not groom pets that have been given medications for the purpose of sedation. Pets showing any signs of being under any type of sedation will be sent home.

Coat Condition:  Customers must understand that this establishment puts the pet's comfort above all else.  In the event that a pet's coat is matted, the groomer may have to shave the matts out rather than perform a painful dematting procedure.  Customers must understand that if the pet is severely matted, there is an increased risk for clipper burn or cuts to occur.  All attempts will be made to prevent this, however in many extreme matt conditions, it is unavoidable.  Matted pets take additional time, care and handling to groom so there may be additional fees added to the regular grooming price if a pet's coat is matted. 

Emergencies:  In the event of an emergency, we require that our customers authorize us to immediately seek professional veterinarian attention for your pet (at the customer's expense) and understand that all attempts will be made to contact our customers in the event of an emergency. 

Cancellation and Late Policy:  

If appointments need to be changed or cancelled we require that customers give at least 24 hour notice so that the appointment time can be made available to another client who is on a waiting list.  If two appointments are missed without giving proper notice, client's are then required to pre-pay prior to scheduling any future appointments. We ask that our customers be on time dropping off and picking up their pet.  If one customer is late dropping off, it makes the rest of our appointments and day fall behind.  Because of the nature of how we book our appointments here we have a 10 minute late policy whereby if you are more than 10 minutes late dropping off your pet without giving us proper notice, we reserve the right to cancel your appointment which may result in a $35 cancellation fee.

No Show Fee: 

Customers who book an appointment and do not call or contact us in any way prior to the time of their appointment may be subject to a no show fee of $35.00 which will be automatically charged upon failure to show for any scheduled appointment.

After Hours and Abandoned Pet Fee: Any pet left after hours will be assessed an after hours boarding fee of $25.00 per every 30 minutes left without direct communication or pick up.  Any pet left longer than an hour past our closing time without any communication will be considered an abandoned pet and will be charged an overnight boarding fee of $150.00.  Pets not picked up after 24 hours will be considered abandoned and will be surrendered to the proper authorities and a police report will be issued.